The Need for Links in your Blog

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Your blog is a resource tool for your reader. It’s important that you create a solid resource for them.   This can be done through a useful set of practical tips, tools to solve a problem, and, of course, links to other sites.

Links – it’s part of what makes a blog a blog. It takes time and should be an on-going process.

Be sure to include links to other bloggers, external sites and even defining a heteroclite word.  Links serve as a way to get further information. Links are one way to direct other bloggers back to your site.  By linking to another blogger or blog entry they’ll often find your blog through their stats, thus building your community.

Simply put, “linking out” makes your site a more valuable, scalable resource and encourages positive participation and contribution.

According to Rand Fishkin of the Moz Blog “Linking is common practice on the web – expected and respected by users of all kinds – and therefore, extremely unlikely to harm your reputation.”

It also helps your SEOGoogle likes to see outgoing links to relevant and reputable websites.

Don’t forget Internal Links.  Social Media Examiner reminds you to build in a couple of links to other pages within your site. The link will still hold search engine value even though it’s coming from within the same site.

Blogger makes linking to another website very easy. Simply highlight the word you’d like to turn into a link and then hit the link button on the toolbar.

A pop-up window will appear where you enter the URL you’d like to link to.
Be sure to check off “open this link in a new window” so your readers won’t be navigated away from your site.

Linking to other sites is what blogging is all about.

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