The Purpose of Tags (or Labels)

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Tags, labels, keywords – what do those words at the bottom of your new post really accomplish?

What are they?  Tags (or if you’re using Blogger – Labels) make it easy to group related posts. They give visitors the ability to browse all your posts that relate to a similar subject. When two or more blog posts are given the same tag, visitors can easily click on the tag to view those posts grouped together in the archive template. Tags are more specific than categories.


Why should you use them? Tags serve as a great way for search engines to find your blog. When I’m deciding which words to use as tags for my post, I always ask myself “if I was searching this topic, which keywords would I enter in Google?”  And then I add those words as tags.

Keywords are a source of traffic. Considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the highest priority in creating a successful blog, the correct use of tags will direct the traffic to your site.

Mr. Ven of eMoneyMakingOnline.Com offers important advice on using keywords in your blog: “Don’t always write articles to stuff keywords instead convey the message naturally” and you will ‘use keywords naturally’.”

How to do it? When creating a new post, there is a space at the side or bottom of your form marked “Categories & Tags” (other platforms use “Labels”) Simply enter your keywords, separated by commas. (You should also see a list of your most used tags, you can also click on these to add to this post.) When you publish your post, the labels will be listed with it.


Tag Cloud or List.  It’s also a good idea to add a Tag List to your side bar.  This helps navigate your blog, and instantly categorizes your topics  To do this simply go to Add a Widget and find Tag Cloud.

At this point you can edit your list and choose whether to sort labels alphabetically or by frequency of use, how many to show and as a LIST or by CLOUD. Until you’ve built up a bank of tags, use the list option.

Remember: Relevant Tags = SEO.

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