Why Blog?

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Before you start your blog, figure out why you want to do it in the first place. Is it for personal or professional reasons?
Some people start a blog to give potential employers a glimpse into what and who they are, a richer impression above and beyond that nerve-racking interview. A blog enables employers and/or customers to get to know you and like you before they work with you.  Blogging is an extremely effective way to boost your online professional presence.

Personal bloggers use blogging as an outlet, a way to express themselves. Blogs allow us to have online conversations with people who are interested in the same things we are. Whether it’s trends, recipes, how-tos, how not-tos, politics or pretty – there’s a niche for it. Whatever you’re passionate about, that’s what you should write about. And then stay true to your passion. Always keep your audience and your theme in mind.

Finding Your Niche – There are blogs about blogging, and others about not blogging. But when it comes to taking the dive and making the commitment, be sure your theme or niche is something you are excited about, and you will be able to easily write about. This shouldn’t be a chore, but an outlet.  Here’s a good guide to coming up with that topic.


Just remember when you decide to commit to blogging that, like everything else, what you put up on the Web will remain forever somewhere in cyberspace. So take your time to decide on  your topic.  Then doublecheck, triplecheck, spellcheck – and whatever else you need to do to make your blog one of the good ones.

Why shouldn’t you blog? You shouldn’t blog just because you “think” you should blog. If you don’t have the time and commitment – stop now. As Li Evans of KeyRelevance says, “If you don’t have that passion to sit there and write blog posts and communicate with your audience, you shouldn’t be blogging.” Your disinterest will show through in your blog. A stale blog or an abandoned blog does nothing for your reputation.

The rules to blogging are simple: 
Be Clear – Simple and concise.
Be Accurate – Spelling and punctuation counts.
Be Yourself – Whether it’s controversial, persuasive or personal, be expressive make it worth reading.

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