The Need for Links in your Blog

Why? Your blog is a resource tool for your reader. It’s important that you create a solid resource for them.   This can be done through a useful set of practical tips, tools to solve a problem, and, of course, links to other sites. Links - it’s part of what makes a blog a blog. It … Continue reading The Need for Links in your Blog

The Purpose of Tags (or Labels)

Tags, labels, keywords - what do those words at the bottom of your new post really accomplish? What are they?  Tags (or if you're using Blogger - Labels) make it easy to group related posts. They give visitors the ability to browse all your posts that relate to a similar subject. When two or more blog posts … Continue reading The Purpose of Tags (or Labels)

How to Write your First Post

This may be the hardest post to write. If you don’t know where else to start, how about “Welcome to My Blog”?  Your goal is to explain why you’ve started your blog and what kind of things you plan to write about. You also need to take this time to explain why you are blogging … Continue reading How to Write your First Post

Writing your “About Me” Section

Most people don't like to write about themselves, but the About Me section should not be underestimated and should never be overlooked. Your “About Me” is often the first impression people have of you and your blog. Not only does this give readers the chance to get to know you and your style, but it … Continue reading Writing your “About Me” Section

Blog Design

Keep it Simple! Simplicity is the key to a good looking blog. Today’s web readers are inundated with a flood of visually stimulating advertisements, ideas, posts and photos. The result is overwhelming ... and very exhausting.  A clean, crisp blog will relax your reader and make them enjoy their stay on your blog. This doesn’t mean make … Continue reading Blog Design